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4 or 6 Cylinder


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On 11/5/2022 at 4:48 PM, stevcaro said:

Looking to buy first generation Venza.  Have read that the 6/AWD is the best combination and thought I would go to the people that know-----------.

I cannot speak to the performance of the 4 cylinder. My research told me when I was looking to purchase a Gen 1 that it was somewhat under powered but did get better gas mileage. I found a (2009) 6/AWD in great shape and have been extremely happy with it.

I would recommend veering away from anything with the moon/sun roof. They are known to have many leak problems and are very expensive to get fixed. When I was looking at Venza's before my actual purchase, I found that every single Venza I test drove with the moon roof had a musty mildew smell. Some worse than others. Be advised the leak will only get worse over time as will the mildew smell.

I was even told by a car dealer about one I looked at had a very strong mildew smell they had tried everything to get rid of to no avail. They could not find a leak. (They were unaware of the leaky moonroof problems prone to the Venza's. The car was absolutely beautiful. The smell caused me to be concerned and I walked away as my wife and daughter are very allergic to mildew. Come to find out the moonroof was leaking into the car headliner but was not visible to the naked eye. The moon roofs have a tendency to leak into the headliner and mildew the topside of the headliner, No way to remove the smell without totally removing the moon roof and headliner and fixing the leak and either replacing the headliner or trying to remove the mildew on the backside without damaging it. A major project and expense.

Also any signs of mildew on the headliner or seat belts tell you the leak is feeding into the insides from the roof. I researched it and found out about the many problems people have with the leaks. I absolutely love this car but buyer beware about those potential issues with the moon roof versions.

I think the 6/2WD gets better gas mileage but if you live where there is plenty of snow the AWD is a good option. Another positive about the Venza is the rear AC vents. Many of the smaller SUV's do not have rear AC vents. I will never purchase another car without them. Living in Florida rear AC is a must. I hate being in a car that the back seats do not have their own vents but must rely on the front seat vents to heat or cool. Its ridiculous.

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