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1978 Corona Wagon fuel tank woes


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I have recently come into possession of a 1978 Corona wagon. After finding out that information on these things is INCREDIBLY hard to find, I'm here for some support. The car has some big rust issues, and the fuel tank is no exception. I've pulled the tank, and found that it has been brazed before in an attempt to seal up a leak. This hasn't worked. My question for you guys is: Any ideas for putting a fuel cell (or fuel cell like universal) in the position of the stock tank? The area I'm working with is roughly 28x25x9, with the fill tube of the stock tank exiting on the passenger side of the tank (LHD car). I'd like to reuse the original filler tube, as I want to preserve the stock look, but recovering the current tank is not a viable solution for me. I'm going to link to some pictures of the space where the stock tank was located, the fill tube location, and the original tank. The tank is very strange in that it fills from the side, and I'm trying to find something simple to replace it with. Any ideas on ways to make this work would be incredibly helpful. I'm trying to avoid putting a cell just in the back hatch, or running a fill tube in the middle of the back storage area, I'd like to keep that as available storage. Let me know what you guys think.

Links to the pictures of the tank/tube/install area:

https://ibb.co/89mDj5C https://ibb.co/zs0tHQw https://ibb.co/xSMvHs3 https://ibb.co/9HzF7gK https://ibb.co/Zfn8NYc https://ibb.co/pKzPGXn https://ibb.co/3YmbQGk https://ibb.co/ZWLfdwz https://ibb.co/hCLhHMK https://ibb.co/R6mcZfH
Note that the fill tube on the tank is located on the passenger side, and the tank is oriented so the spare tire indent (near the fuel pump) is oriented downward when tank is installed.
Also dog tax

Also, also, I have scoured for fuel cells and aftermarket tanks on all major websites... Short of going through thousands of tanks manually, I've come to the forums.

RT43 Tune-Up & Maint. FIGR 49.pdf

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