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Hi, my name is Kenny.  I just signed up and trying to find my way around.  I have been searching elsewhere for some information with no luck, so I'm hoping a forum is a place to look.  I was a member of several RV forums in my younger life, and the knowledge I gained from other RVrs was invaluable.  I'm older now and can't see without glasses; eat without dentures; walk without a cane or hear without hearing aids.  Not complaining though, but I do have a problem.  I drive a 2017 Avalon with an awesome sound system and my wife is my co-pilot, but to hear the sound system, I have to turn the volume so high to hear above the road noise she can't stand it.  I know there has to be sound-deadening material to soundproof a car someplace, and probably businesses to install it, but I can't find any information about that.  I've been married to my wonderful wife for a bit over 55 years and I love her too much to bail on her now.  Please, I NEED HELP!!!


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Hi Kenny.....welcome to the Club

I would probably advise wearing ear buds or headphones which you could pair into the stereo, which should be easy enough it you connect to your phone.

This way you can dial out any outside noise as could your wife who could be listening to something completely different to you at the same time


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