How to use the Toyota Owners Club Forums

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Ok - so you have registered, and wish to post a new topic in our forums.

First of all - welcome to the club, thanks for joining up! :D :cheers:

To create a new topic, you should first of all consider what is the most relevant forum for your post.

This is ususally easy - what model Toyota do you have? Selecting the forum that matches your car is a pretty good start! :D

Select your forum by clicking on the forum name.

Look in the top right hand corner of the screen, and work your way down.

You will see two buttons.

One says t_new.gif

and the other says t_poll.gif

Click on the new topic button, and you will be asked to supply;

- a topic title

- a topic description

- and the actual topic itself.

Fill these in, and scroll down the screen a bit.

You will see a button that says "Post New Topic" - click on this, and your message will be posted to the forum, where the other members may read it and respond.

Hope you have fun on our forums! :D :D

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