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PLEASE someone help with this Custom Startup Image


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2014 Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid. It has been two weeks of straight up, every day, internet search, download to USB stick / SD Card (via USB adaptor) go to car and attempt, yet again, to Customize my Startup Image and Display Off Image. Before you respond, know this: I have read seemingly every single aspect of this topic and done:

1. Named ROOT folders StartupImage and DisplayOffImage
2. No spaces or special characters in filenames
3. Formatted each of the 22 various old and new USB sticks via Fat 32, exFAT, and NTFS (just to be safe as it seems obvious FAT 32 is the right answer... but I am desperate)
4. I have bought many new USB thumb drives just for this
5. I have put USB in car before start... I have inserted USB after start
6. I have tried just one of each of the folders
7. I have ensured the sizes of the files are under 10mb... 8mb... 5mb... 2mb...
8. I have tried JPG extension and JPEG extension
9. I have a PC so no Mac mess to deal with
10. I have avoided looking directly in the eyes of the NAV while performing startup

I am a weirdo. I am former Navy SpecOps and now work in tech so I am doubly weird. I get focused on something and simply cannot rest until resolved. Please... someone... anyone... help me. My wife is ready to burn the car she loves to get me to drop this. But it makes no sense. The stereo reads music files from each of the same USBs for music. It just doesn't read the pics... supposedly.


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