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starlet 3tc help

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hey everyone im new to TOC-USA and i had a few questions to get started off with.

first thing, a friend of mine is offering to sell me his 1981 starlet 3tc to me for $650.00 and i was curious about its specs and where i could find some general information about it. I would also need to know where to find parts for the car simply because the reason hes selling it so cheap is cuz it has no starter and the interior was pretty much gutted for all except the seats and dash and whatnot.

so if someone could link me to some sites they like that would provide me this information or if they know the specs off the top of their head or something plz let me know or show me where to find it....thank you very much i hope to hear from you guys soon.

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its the N/A version and it turns out i will probably not get it, i hadnt seen this thing up until just a few days ago and that was after i made this thread. This car is a piece, if it had all the parts still i would consider MAYBE getting it but idk, its $650.00 (USD) and it has no rear window, no cover over the steering column, no gauge cluster, no flooring, no starter, little to no dash, and its rusted in some spots. IDK, for 650 bucks it MIGHT be worth it, but id hafta take a first hand look at the thing and look to see how easy or hard it would be to find replacement/upgrade parts for this thing. IF i got it tho, id probably have to do an engine swap and i was thinking of putting in the I4 from an 86, since its basically the same motor (same being I4 and N/A) and it puts out 140bhp.

idk, lemme know what you think, these are the pictures they guy sent me, take a look and lemme know what you think, if its fixable or not

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ok yea, thats what i figured, i dont think i will, any ideas for another toyota model that might work for the same purpose? basically the only criteria i have for a car is that A: Small and that B: its light, and C: it has only 2 door and D: that it is a manual. I was looking for an 86 gt-s but theyre hard to find, and i would think that parts would be even hard to find. So the other thing i was thinking about was an early 90's MR-2. Any other suggestions.

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well i want something that i can upgrade and do autocross with on the weekends. so a manuel box is a neccesity, but it doesnt necessarily have to come stock with one, im pretty sure i could always just get a new tranny for it with a manuel box. and pretty much anything i get will be getting an engine swap, got any good ideas for a good motor? cuz as for ones that would just bolt right in idk of any, but i know of some that would need fabbing to fit.

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well, there is the MR2 - a very good car..

maybe a AE-92 corrola GTi, I dont know if you would be able to get one in a manual box..

i looked up the AE92 GTi and i found a couple in manuals, and i am really really in love with this car now, its so sexy and looks like it has lots of upgrades too.

anyone know of a good place to buy old toyotas from and upgrades for old toyotas?


i dont think the GTi is sold or specified for america cuz i cant find any for sale, and there are VERY few parts for it, and its not listed on most online parts catalogs. so i think im just gunna get the GTs, or just fall back to the other option which is the AE86 GTs with the 4A-GE 1600 engine swap. does anyone know how much AE101's are selling for in the states? or if you can even get the GTi version of the 101 in america, or even the GTi of the 92 in america?

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well man i dont know about the GTi, but i see the GTs all over the place here and 4AGE motors are all over the place, the Pacific North West isnt real good for cars, so there are mr2's and 86 gts all over the place. i run a corolla fx16 GTS,and am always on the look for a 4AGEZ motor thats what a good swap is i dont know what car came with them. but the head is the only diff reall, you can get a block for the 4AGE from all sorts of cars, the 4AC is the same block and the tranny that came in the 4 door corolla is a really quick and good gripping tranny. i dont know where a good place to buy new parts for the 4AGE is cuz most of it is pretty expensive, but you can find the motor in junkyards and on the side of roads all over the place

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