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We bought a new 2008 Sequoia Platinum from Lakeside Toyota on January 5th 2008. Since we went in to do the paper work and pick up the vehicle it has been one upset after another. This dealer is in a suburb of New Orleans Louisiana.

First, the salesman could not demonstrate the vehicle to us. He had no idea how to operate the vehicle or most of the components..

Second when we finished the paperwork we later found that they had messed up on some of the paper work so we had to go back and sign new copies.

Third, when I went to check out the jack and lug wrench, we did not have a key for the wheel locks. Another trip to the dealer with no help. They did not have a key for us. The finance person said they could put on new wheel locks in about five minutes. You could not get to the service dept in less than ten minutes and then they would have scarred my wheels trying to get the locks off without a key. We would probably have lost an hour to get new locks. All I want is a key.

Fourth, What really tops it off is that the loan on our old vehicle was not paid and they deducted the auto pay from our account. Now the dealer owes us for that payment.

Now when we call they will not answer our messages. Someone owes us for the payment that was charged to our bank account, We paid the inflated price that was asked to get the vehicle we wanted but this has left a really bad taste for Toyota and Lakeside Toyota.

Our advice stay away from this dealer and because you cannot get help from Toyota you may want to consider another brand.

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Unfortunately the dealers are the weak link in an otherwise great car company. You just have to learn by experience. This forum is a good way to pass on this important information. Maybe someone at Toyota will see your post and do something about the problem you've experienced. I've had dealer service departments give me bad advice on service requirements. Like how often to flush the coolant, which is supposed to be long life fluid. Even great cars need proper maintenance so I want to make sure I am not neglecting anything. I also like to flush the brake fluid every year or 2. Just some advice for you. :)

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