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RAV4 year 2019 miles/gallon


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My question.

Purchased the 2019 RAV4 in July 2022. Great car, very happy. 

I check the fuel use on the GPS screen. It usually says 38.1 miles per gallon. However, I purchased gas during my first 11 days of use and did the math at home and the car is getting 31.3 miles per gallon. I am not complaining. My 2020 Jeep was getting 20 mpg on a good week. Now, it was a used vehicle. Could the reading on the screen be from the former owners links to her app that she was using. I am a no tech and no BS guy and do not mess with Apps and tech gadgets. Thank you for your time and attention. 

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Hi....welcome to the Club

I would say that the MPG readouts are vague at best and depends on driving styles

If you were to reset the system and drive your style to reflect different roads, altitudes and so many other conditions that affect fuel economy and then see how it pans out


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