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Sienna RIP 2007 - 2022

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We are saddened to announce the sudden loss of our beloved Toyota Sienna. After almost 15 faithful and trustworthy years and 429,497 miles, she succumbed to transmissions issues worsened by the Portland traffic. Her last adventure was taking her family on yet another multistate excursion from Kennewick, Washinton to Newport, Oregon for a baseball tournament but finally succumbed to her injuries in Corvallis. When she couldn’t go any further, she Bravely delivered her family safely to a well shaded, fairly cool public parking lot.
To honor her years of devoted service, her body has been donated to Kars4Kids.
Rest in Peace Sienna. 2007 – 2022
In lieu of flowers, please donate to Kars4Kids in her memory.
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R.I.P  Sienna, its always sad to hear about a loyal, long serving car such as your Sienna.
I have had a few cars and bikes where this has been the case and very sad to see if go to car heaven.

However, I have had some where I was glad to see the back of them 🙂

What will you get next to replace the Sienna?

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