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2003 Solara Left Pull Problem


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I own a 2003 Toyota Solara SE 4cyl. The car drifts/steers/pulls to the left. I did some research and found that this is a very common Toyota problem. Since we are already nearing 2008, I am hoping that someone knows what needs to be fixed or adjusted to resolve this problem.

These are the Technical Service Bulletin code numbers that pertain to the SOLARA LEFT PULL PROBLEM:

1) ST005R-01 -----------> (2003 & 2004 Solara)

2) ST002R-04 -----------> (2004 Solara, not listed under 2003 Solara TSB list)

I would like to know if any Solara owner was successful in getting this problem resolved? If so, can you please tell me what was repaired on your Solara. What tasks did the mechanic illustrate on the job repair invoice. I want to know exactly what they did to fix the left pull problem. Keep in mind that I have an 03 Solara so I dont know whether an 04 Solara fix would solve my problem.


These are some solutions I came across while browsing another toyota forum. However, I dont know if this will solve the problem. Im looking for a concrete answer.

(Jack Bauer, Jr.) claims that the problem resides in the springs and that the mechanic needs to rotate the spring within the perch 1/4" to fix the left pull.


(Dacpa) said that the mechanic removed the struts, compressed the springs, and moved the upper insulator 25MM

counter clockwise.


(stevieray) owner of a 2004 Solara provides these notes from his invoice:

front coil spring seat angle (ST002-04 TSB applies)

correct seat setting. adjust alignment to specifications.

ST3007.6 tdrv A.5xtras B1.4 seats C1.2 specs D.7 adj 4.4

48131-AA110 3b 99


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