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Wireless Android Auto / Apple CarPlay Install via NAVIKS

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Anyone have one of these? Curious how to install one? Read below...

I purchased one, because I was trying to sell my 2018 Highlander and some buyer said he had to have Android Auto / CarPlay, so he paid $15-17k more for a new vehicle. I figured he was not the only one.

I ended up selling the vehicle to someone who didn't care about AA or CP so I still have it, but I will say for someone looking to retain Sirius XM plus all Toyota functions, this is an affordable, easy swap. On top of that, I spoke to NAVIKS and they said they plan to upgrade the firmware to make the system load AA/CP by default in 6-8 weeks so this system makes a whole lot of sense, if you want something simple to install and works.

The one challenge for me was the directions were sparse. A few lines of text. Taking apart the Highlander's dash is incredibly easy... once you know how to do it. It's like big kid LEGOs.

Here is how I did it:
Dash removal video (Steps 1-6 below)
1. Sit in passenger seat. Stick a large, flat head screwdriver or plastic tool under the corner of the plastic trim at the edge of the dash and pull toward you. For reference, this is the piece that runs below the headunit, is about 1" in height at the edge of the dash and is in between the glove compartment and the upper dash trim.
2. Once you have that off, disconnect the two wiring connectors. The big one on the right comes off by squeezing and pulling. The smaller one just pulls off.
3. Pull the brown(?) trim that runs over the clock and to the right of the right/middle vent from the bottom right. This pops right off.
4. Remove the left middle vent by grabbing it from the bottom and pulling hard.
5. Remove the right middle vent by grabbing it from the bottom and pulling hard.
6. This exposes 4 bolts that hold the headunit in place. Remove these with a 10mm socket wrench with an extension.
7. Lay a towel or something to protect the dash below the headunit. Remove the headunit. Careful not to scratch the dash, as the wires will still be attached.
8. Remove the 3 pictured wires. Also remove the 4th gray wire if you purchased the optional USB plug from NAVIKS if you want to use the stock USB system for AA/CP.
9. Plug in the removed male wires into the NAVIKS female wires. Plug the NAVIKS male wires back into the headunit.
10. Shove the NAVIKS unit into the center hole where the headunit used to be.
11. Reinstall the headunit
12. Tighten down the 10mm bolts
13. Reinstall the left middle vent
14. Reinstall the right middle vent
15. Reinstall the brown trim from step 3.
16. Reconnect the wires from step 2 into the lower dash trim.
17. Reinstall the lower dash trim.
18. Turn on car
19. Select AUXILIARY AUDIO on the stock ENTUNE system
20. Turn on NAVIKS by holding the left answer phone(?) on the steering wheel for about 1 second
21. Select bluetooth to pair your phone
22. Switch to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and you are set for good!



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