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1972 Corona Mark II MX22 looking for 2M engine parts


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Hi all, I'm looking for a couple parts from the cooling system, specifically the water outlet/thermostat housing (I *think* the OEM part number is 1633141010), and the "housing" half of the water pump assembly, which I'm struggling to find a part number for. The water pump assy appears to be the pump itself, bolted to a "housing" with some outlets. It's that housing that's corroded. (See attached photos) 

Any thoughts on where to find these two parts/assemblies?   Thanks in advance for any replies.



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The thermostat housing looks quite common to most other older engines you may find something in a very similar size form Chevy or Ford at first glance.

The water pump may work like the union next to the corroded one by chopping off the outlet pip and threading the body to accept a steel pipe to connect to. Its worth a try before binning of the assembly if the rest of it is in good condition

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