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Replacement Part Color


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Greetings all!

One third row seat handle, used to open and close the seat, broke the other day.

It is a 2015 Toyota Sienna LE 2WD.

I found the part here: https://parts.toyota.com/t/Toyota_2015_Sienna-LE-2WD/HANDLE-3RD-SEAT.html

I only have one problem. They have three different colors available.

Gray 7290908011B1

Ash Brown 7290908011E0

MD Gray 7290908011B2

I do not know which color mine is. I have sent an email to different Toyota dealerships but no one of them has replied.

How can I find out the right color? Using the VIN? Or is there a sticker somewhere whit a color code?

Many many thanks for your help!



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I had to verify it all by myself, but i did it.

Gray 7290908011B1 is light gray

Ash Brown 7290908011E0 is brownish

MD Gray 7290908011B2 is dark gray, which is the one I needed.

I found out by searching each part number on the web and seeing which color popped up.

I've ordered it from a Toyota dealership and I am still waiting for it.

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