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  1. 2015 XLE, now just a year old. We live about 30 miles West of the Eastern/Central Time Zone Line. We Travel East, Often, to Knoxville and beyond. As the GPS knows Where We are all the time, We expected it would Update the Time on our Nav System Display. Our Garmin, which is about 4 years old, certainly Does. I have asked the Dealer now 3 times, service Dept. people don't seem to know, said they would find out, been months now. I asked the Salesman, he said he would find out, been about 8 days now. It really should not be that difficult to get an answer to this question. Service checked the System setting and said they were correct, they did a Firmware update about 6 months ago because the Nav System stopped updating location when traveling. I do not recall, for sure, but I believe the Clock did Update when we drove into the Eastern Time Zone before that change. Anyone Else Have an Answer