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  1. Of course anyway I can help! I am almost certain that will fix the issue!
  2. Does it have a CAM engine in it? If so than most likely one of the most reliable cars you'll buy.
  3. Hi! I actually created an account just to reply to this topic. I had the exact same issue in my 2001 Toyota Highlander V6. If you get on the interstate or motorway with a cold engine it gives you no issue right? It doesn't start acting up until the engine heats up and you come out of top gear which I believe in your car would be 4th. The issue is the knock sensor, the engine's computer is malfunctioning due to that sensor and as a result it doesn't know to up shift. I find that keeping the car in "ETC SNOW" setting helps with this issue but isn't a permanent fix. For me this issue was the fina
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