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  1. paulmars

    OEM or aftermarket?

    hat are the best brands for: front disk brakes wheel bearing seals and grease 2003 tacoma with 68k miles on it. 2wd, 5 speed. 2.3L engine. No options except the enhancement package (AC, allow wheels, painted bumpers, and 2 extra front speakers). No short trips under 5 miles. Rarely driven on the highway. No off roading, no mud. Although many of the roads here are packed shell rock and very old worn out asphalt. West central florida. 3 miles from the beach. Most times its just used like a car. very rarely anything heavy transported, although seven times since 2003 I loaded her up to and maybe even beyond the rated capacity. Finally I need new front brakes and will repack the front wheel bearings at the same time. Once in 14 years not too bad, huh? Should I go OEM or are there equal or better quality after market parts available. tks, pa
  2. I replaced my fuel filter on my 2003 2.4L tacoma 2wd. 65k miles. At the same time I checked the valves. No valve adjustment needed. Now I hear 4 to 6 rapid metallic clicks when i start the engine cold. Once it happened when it was warm. This fuel filter is not original equipment. ideas? tks, pa
  3. paulmars

    2wd differential oil type?

    Toy book says 80w-90 or 85w-90 for 0 degree F or below. Straight 90 wt for above 0 degree. Here in central Fl, its never below 40 F and never below 60 when I drive. Typically 75 tp 95 F. However, I cant find straight 90 wt anywhere. All that I can find is 80w-90. Is that ok? Also, its carquest brand. It is API service GL-5 which is what toy calls for. OK to use? This will be my 1st and maybe only diff oil change. I do want this vehicle to last forever. 2003 2.4L 2wd 5 speed std cab 62,000 miles tks, pa
  4. How do I troubleshoot this? All fuses are good. 2003 2.4L 2wd 5 speed std cab 62,000 miles thanks for any help. pa