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  1. JCG

    Tundra Recalls

    yep, its too bad you missed the mileage warranty.
  2. JCG

    Tundra Recalls

    How can I not get a recall letter for my air injectors from Toyota, yet i get mail asking me to buy another one every week! When my sir injectors finally broke my mileage was just over the extended warranty so Toyota was they are not going to fix it for free! So disappointed in Toyota and need to know what options i got.
  3. I have loved my Toyota Vehicles and always had nothing but great things and experiences until now. I have had my Tundra since 2008 and never received any recall letters nor was ever notified about the air injectors failure, so it was never taken in to have them replaced. Since I did not know about it until a few weeks ago, when I did take it in i was informed that i exceeded the extended mileage warranty by a few thousand miles even thought i am far under the extended time warranty. Not sure if i need to go get a lawyer or not, i thought by contacting Toyota they would see where they made the mistakes and fix it but so far they are not very honorable. It really bothers me that after several vehicles and how many more I could have bought in the future that i would be treated this way, anyone got any advice?