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  1. I have a 2006 Matrix. Recently the driver's side airbag light stays on (after the 4 second diagnostic period) when the car is started after the engine has not be on for several hours. After the car has been driven for a few minutes and the engine is stopped and started again, the light performs normally. Using the "flash method" if found the code being displayed is 43 which translates to "Short in side airbag or explosive module right hand circuit." On another website I found that possible causes are "Side airbag assembly (RH), airbag sensor assembly, and wire harness." This car does not have side airbags. I disconnected the connector under the driver's seat, sprayed it with contact cleaner, and reconnected it with no change. I then did the same thing with the connector under the passenger's seat. That seemed to correct the problem, and I thought I had solved it. But it returned a day later. The problem occurs whether there is someone in the passenger seat or not. I have run out of ideas. Can anyone help?