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  1. You can also check out the links to companies that offer the aftermarket connections to have the Ipod connected to your stereo. If you go to and look up under the Ipod section they give you links to the companies and you can see who makes connectors for your car and how they work. I am thinking of getting one hooked up for my sequoia.
  2. Its just you and me Lexus!!!! I was hoping to hear from other Sequoia owners if there are any quirks about the model. I didnt research it much before I fell in love with it. All I needed to know was it was a toyota and it was big!
  3. Thanks for the welcome :) nothing wrong with being first!! Its not just the questions getting tricky!! between the Radio/Cd player and the Lojack Alarm system there are so many warnings about doing anything that might interfere with something important! I dont know how much I would trust a circut city or best buy with my baby!
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    I looked and looked but I couldnt find any postings by Sequioa owners. I have a 2005 and I love it. Maybe they are all out 4 wheeling!!! Has anyone tried to use an aftermarket Ipod connector kit for their Toyota? Especially on the Sequioa. I am nervous about having someone fool with it and mess up anything.