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  1. I do not see where these forums are searchable (other than Google) so.............any help out there if I want to put in footwell lighting on a 2011 Camry LE? Any input would be appreciated. I have been to, and belong to, Toyota Nation but the one help topic for the lights I want, no longer has pics. So looking for suggestions. I plan to run a wire from my dome light (so I get the dimming effect) and then put in footwell lights front and back and perhaps lights above the back seat. I will also be adding LED lights to the trunk and dome light. Planning to use LED tape lights and 16 gauge speaker wire.
  2. Hey folks, second Camry, first one was 2002 LE V/6,that one now has over 300,000 klms and is driven by my son, I now have a 2011 LE with upgrade package, winter wheels and tires, trailer hitch, remote start, hood deflector, weather-tec mats, Camry carpet mats, tinted glass (55% front, 35% rear), Have wood-grained the centre stack and vents and door accents (purchased at Car-Id) good people to deal with. Decided this time to look for a Camry with low mileage rather than buy a new one, found one with 22,000 klms (12,000 miles) in Fort McMurray, 1300 klms away?? It was the right colour, had five year extended warranty, plus all the above, less the tinting and wood grain, private seller (no tax) pretty much the same as a new car but half the price! Next I want to add some LED lighting, footwells etc. While I like the Camry and treat it well my real loves are a 38 buick and a 57 buick. I will try to attach some pics of Camry wood grain and Buicks.
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    I like Michelin "Defender" tires...had them on my 2002 LE V/6 and when the tires are replaced on my 2011 LE they will be "Defenders".