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  1. My understanding is that the 1st service is a tire rotation at 5,000 miles or 6 months whichever comes first and the 2nd is at 10K or 1 year. I hit 6 months with only 3k miles and took it in for service. I noticed the sticker on the window said my next service would be on Feb 5, which was six months later, but the mileage written down was 8,007 - 5K from the 1st service and not the 10K listed in the manual. I wasn't worried about it and assumed it was a mistake, but coming up on 8K I started getting the service soon reminder and at 8,007 it flipped over to the constant service required. My question is this. Is the 2nd service at 1yr or 10k miles or 5K after the 1st service which, in this case would be 8K miles and 11 months. I don't want to risk the warranty, but it seems like they were trying to push the services closer together. Any advice or opinions welcome.
  2. Just got my invitation to log onto the owners site at Toyota.com. First thing that came up was offers to get the 5K service for $14.95 at some locations and a % off at others. Isn't that service free? Is it possible to buy a new car without Toyotacare? What am I missing. Thanks, and looking forward to a good forum.
  3. Just got a 2015 Camry. fyi, when signing up for this forum, 2015 is not an option. Is there any activity here?