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  1. Desperately need info on rear axle removal!! Hello guys. I'm posting part of this thread as I am in desperate need of one little tidbit of information on removing the rear axle assembly to replace a rear wheel bearing on a 1982 Corolla station wagon. I've embarked on an emergency repair as I need this vehicle to make a 100 mile trip to a cardiologist appointment for my wife in three days. Notwithstanding the ridiculous cost of this little part, which was $70 including the seal, I've come to a standstill while removing the axle assembly. As I hadn't found a definitive diagram online, or even in auto repair books at the library, I am begging for help here. Reason is, I've got three days before I have to take my wife to a cardiologist appointment 100 miles from my home, as she had a heart problem last week requiring an ambulance trip to the emergency room. This is why I immediately embarked on this repair, as the bearing was grinding on the way to the emergency room. Here is where I'm at at the moment. The only info I've found relating to this I found here: http://www.4x4wire.com/toyota/mainte...wheel_bearing/ Following what info I could on that site, I've removed the wheel, the hub, the emergency brake cable(which was a nightmare), the brake line and the 4 bolts holding the axle hub and backing plate assembly to the axle housing. According to that article, once those parts are removed, I should be able to simply pull the whole axle assembly out of the housing. Ut unh. Doesn't budge. I've tried everything in my power to pull it out, including using a large pry bar between the rear of the backing plate and the bolt flange on the axle housing, to no avail. So..,.the question is...what am I missing here?? Is there some kind of clip in the rear end or other place that holds the axle in, or is this a case of frozen axle in the bearing or frozen bearing in the axle housing or something?????????? I am really desperate here. If we have to cancel this appointment, it will be another TWO MONTHS before they can get her in again. Which, according to the emergency room doctor, she needs to see this specialist immediately. So please, if there's anyone out there that has an insight into what's going on, I would appreciate it beyond words. Thank you.