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  1. I've had a great little Tercel 4WD wagon for 9 Yrs. I do my own mechanics and have kept her in good repair. NOW, however, she's doing something strange: carb-engine overspeed as though the throttle valves are wide open (they were NOT). After tinkering with it for a couple hour it ran normal til next time when I punched it. Float level was OK ! There was lingering vapor in secondary bore but not primary. Has anyone out there had this problem What could do that in a feedback carb system ? Power valve ? Auto accelerator pump ? 2nd fuel cut solenoid ckt. ? Gasket leaks ? How can all that fuel get past closed throttle valves ? Or air (from the bleed valve ?) for that matter ? I hope this isn't like Star Trek and a part of my carb is in another dimension. Thanks in advance, greyghost
  2. HI, greyghost here. My Toy is a 1986 Tercel 4wd wagon I've had for 9 Yrs.( I'm rejoining as I misplaced my password some years ago) .I did a lot of research to discover that this was the car for me.She's peppy as a former owner put a 4-AC(Carolla) engine in her. I do my own mechanics and have kept her in good condition although currently she's produced a mystery; carb-engine run away as though both throttle valves are open (they are not) I figure some one else has run into thus strangeness and found out what in this "feedback carburetor" could do that.