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  1. You'd think that, wouldn't ya?! I don't even know who is administering the warranty. I thought it was Toyota but I guess not...
  2. We never received any paperwork about what's included. When I questioned it a couple of years ago, they said that there isn't any. No website to go to and see anything, basically they do the repairs and then "send it to the warranty company to see if it's covered". I think I won't be buying another warranty ever again...
  3. When we leased our Corolla in August, 2009, we purchased the Toyota Extended warranty. It was explained to us that it was a bumper-to-bumper warranty that covered everything except wear & upkeep items, i.e. oil, tires, filters. There is no booklet, no website, nothing to look at to see what's covered. I'm told I have to just take the car in for service and they'll "turn it in to the warranty company and see if it's covered". Am I the only one who has this situation with a Toyota Extended Warranty? Without the warranty, I would not be taking my car to the dealer for most things because they are uber-expensive. Does anyone else have the warranty? What's covered? Are diagnostic fees covered? Their dx fee is $80, and that's before they actually DO anything.