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  1. Stu, South Carolina is punishing Hybrid and Electric car users in a similar manner. Shame on those car owner's for trying to conserve oil/gas. That will teach them! 😮
  2. Welcome on board! Wow, you’ve had 2 RAV4’s stolen! 3rd time has to be the charm. Good luck, and welcome again!
  3. BTW, I also have a 06 Highlander Hybrid. It’s been a great SUV. I have about 160K miles on it. Still provides very good gas mileage in town, but I no longer hit 32mpg for extensive city driving. It has dropped to 30-31mpg. Only gets 28 mpg on the interstate at 65-70mpg. I had the spark plugs changed recently, but no change.
  4. Laureen, It was a good call to turn back as a precautionary measure. It could be a number of things. Did you recently fill up with gas? It may the fuel. Or it may be coolant seeping in the head thus mixing with fuel. If this were the case, the RAV4 would be running very rough. When you checked the oil, did you notice any frothing or bubbling on the dip stick? At this time, is it running smoothly or roughly at idle? Is there any moisture coming out of the tailpipe when it is running now? It may have been none of the above and it could have been something as off the wall as water in your tailpipe and or muffler from driving in deep water from heavy rain.
  5. Gus, did anyone respond to you post? I also have a Prius and highlander hybrid. My 06 hi-hy still gets 27 or 28 mpg, depending on how I drive. I have 79k miles on it. I didn't see how many miles you have on your 07.