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  1. Has anyone heard of a Toyota has provided a resolution for the rubber seal coming loose below the windshield on the drivers side. I have seen this issue discussed in other forums but no satisfactory results?
  2. I went to the dealer where I purchased our Rav and explained the problem. This is what was written on the service report. Customer states squeak in rear hatch. If you drive with hatch open squeak goes away. Verified complaint. Found striker plate out of adjustment, adjusted striker plate. Test drove vehicle again and noise is gone. They did not use any type of lubricant. You may want to go to a differant dealership or have a chat with the one you are currentlying using. Hope this helps
  3. I have the same problem driving me crazy, I rode in the back while my wife drove & found that the tailgate was the problem, tried riding several times with the tailgate open and quiet. I have an appointment this coming Monday at hte dealership to see if they can resolve the problem.