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    Repair Manual

    I think you would have to check on EBay or use a Haynes Manual. For the RAV4 owner, they are indispensable, especially to your wallet if you are a DIY like I am.
  2. It does it only when I'm accelerating. Like in low torque, once it picks up speed, it doesn't do it at all. But the way, all the mods are posted on . Look for mensajero, that's me.
  3. I really don't know, it always runs out of real estate before the Scan Gauge II can give me a final reading.
  4. I have a lighty modified 1997 Toyota RAV4 (yes, a RAV4) Here are the mods. RAV4orce, Magnaflow Muffler 2.25, and Borla Tip, Pace Setter Header, DEI Thermo Wrap, Random Performance Cat Converter, TRD Thermostat, TRD Radiator Cap, Addco Rear Anti-Sway Bar, K&N Apollo Intake filter, TRD Quick Shift, RAV4.1L Front Tower Brace, H&R Springs, Bilstein SPORT Shocks, 2003 Rear Tire Hard Cover, HID Hi and Low beams, Clear front Markers, Rear Reverse Lamps and rear brake lamp, Bomex Front Spoiler, 1998 Rear Taillight, and TRD front Anti-Sway Bar, Yokohama AVID V4s 235/60/16, All Energy Suspension Poly Bushings, Kenwood Receiver, Alpine 40X4 RMS AMP, Infinity Speakers, Infinity Basslink Woofer (200WATTS). Power Slot Slotted Front Disc Brakes, Magnum Hi-Performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Twin Derale Engine and Gear Box Oil Cooler, Next Level Performance Tri-Phase module, Front and Rear Spacers 1.25, Nology Spark Plugs and Wires, MSD 6A, MSD Tach Adapter, MSD Blaster SS Coil. Performance Oil Pump, bought, Performance Aluminum Performance Water Pump, bought. Pivot Ground Kit, Pivot Raizin Electrical Stabilizer, DEI Exhaust Rap on Header and 2.25" Pipe. Scan Gauge II, Helix Power Tower Spacer Plate, Grounded Muffler among others. Please click on link and using headphones. Can you tell me what is this rattling sound.
  5. Which would be ? Apexi or Greddy Emanage.
  6. Has anyone in this forum tweak with the ECU of a RAV4?
  7. Hello, I'm known around the net as the mensajero. I have a 1997 Toyota RAV4. This is regarded as a very special Toyota Product. The RAV4 is considered as ..."1 of the most influential vehicles of the last 50 years " Please click link. Let start from here and then I'll start asking questions. ;)
  8. Has anyone tweaked with the ECU of your Toyota. I'm looking for better performance. ;)