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  1. Thank's for your input Steven. I've been using a cardboard drip pad but just yesterday switched to an aluminum drip pan. Because of the location, it is almost impossible to see very much without the vehicle being on a lift or over a pit. I plan on taking the Van back to my Toyota dealer next week and leaving it for however long it takes to find and fix the problem. In the meantime I am keeping a close eye on fluid levels and the leak. :(
  2. Sometime after the last oil change I detected a small pool of oil near the inside of the left (driver side) front tire. The leak/drip has persisted but all fluid levels remain at full marks. Two days ago I took the vehicle to my Toyota dealer and reported the issue to a Service Adviser. The Van was taken into the Lube garage and inspected after which I was informed that everything was dry and no leak detected. I specifically asked about the VVT i line that was replaced last year during the LSC 90K Service Campaign and was informed that it too was dry. The conclusion was that the oil drip was residual oil spilled during the last oil change. There is still a persistant drip. Has anyone else had this problem following an oil change, or could I have a more serious problem than requires further diagnosis?