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  1. If you haven't installed them yet, this should help you out. http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/104-5th-6th-generation-2002-2006-2007-2011/324480-wiring-foglights-camry-le-gen-6-a.html
  2. You don't have a copy of the contract for the extended warranty? It should all be outlined in that.
  3. Michelin LTX M/S are great tires.
  4. Are you referring to the MAINTENANCE REQUIRED light or the CHECK ENGINE light? Those are 2 entirely different things. Do you have a pic of the light(s) in question?
  5. Lose it, that Fast and the Furious crap has long left the dock.
  6. If the service was performed at a Toyota dealership, I don't see why they couldn't do that with the correct VIN.
  7. If you don't call Toyota Corp. you'll never know. Give them a call and see what they have to say.
  8. It's a non-interference engine and the major service interval is at 90K with the timing belt and spark plugs at 30K. The 5vz-fe engine is pretty robust like the 22r and the 22re. With regular maintenance they can go well over 200K miles. For further DIY stuff you can go here: 4runners.org
  9. I would check for loose vacuum lines, maybe one got knocked loose while it was being worked on recently.
  10. Only Toyota dealers are able to resell genuine Toyota parts. Unless you settle for aftermarket, you are SOL.
  11. I would check the distributor and the plug wires.
  12. Whoa! Your local dealer told you to post your problem on a message board instead of them attempting to fix the problem for you? Time for you to find another dealer and get this straightened out!
  13. If it's only for an oil change and nothing else then your local garage should be OK.
  14. 10K miles seems about right. The days of the 3K mile oil changes are long gone with the advent of better additives in oil and better technology in engine developement. If you tend to drive in more stop and go traffic or short distances, I would change the oil more often. If you drive more highway miles then 10K will be just fine.
  15. It could probably go another month, but oil changes are relatively cheap, why chance it? The oil is the blood or lifeline for your engine, why not treat it better? You should be changing your oil out every 5K miles or 5 months whichever comes first. More frequently if you drive in stop and go traffic and short distances.
  16. humanoid


  17. Just buy one for a previous generation Avalon and stick it on the trunk and be done with it.
  18. Yes, the codes will still be stored in the computer if there is/are problems.
  19. Why not pull the codes to see what they read and go from there? Without knowing the codes you're just guessing at what could be wrong. You need to find out what codes they are and what is causing them.
  20. 96+ Tacos don't have EGR valves. Could it be another problem that's causing high NOx readings?
  21. Sounds like it could be a whole host of problems. Could be worn/broken shocks, worn/broken shock mounts, worn suspension bushings and/or tie rods etc. Have a competent mechanic look at it for you and see what the problem is.
  22. eBay, Craigslist and your local Auto Trader magazine/online would be your best bets.
  23. I think this would be better: http://www.urdusa.com/Electronics-Performance-Electronics/c66_72/p1260198051/URD-MAF-Sensor-Calibrator/product_info.html
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