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  1. best place to get parts is AndysAutoSport.com they have parts for every year celica at least for my 02 they do..
  2. just get a stage 4 clutch and yes if you dont know what your doing dont screw with it take it to a professional but stage 4's were designed not to slip lol tricky to get used to but once u do there fun and grab right away my 1990 Corrado G60 had a stage 4 lol and it was tricky to learn but once i did driving any car was easy lol i now drive a 02 celica gt with a stage 2 clutch
  3. dead battery? lol lots of girls leave theere lights on no offence (my mom and sister) lol but yea if u have a voltmeter check it i dont think its anything serious unless ur alternator is starting to go...how many miles?
  4. doesnt bother me lol i have an 02 celica gt and mine does the same thing u canjust get a wooden wege or rubber wedge like to hold a door and stick it under one side... ive heard ppl doing tht but i dont use my trunck very often so it doesnt bother me lol unless u have a sound system back there but if anything just replace them if its that big of a deal
  5. toyota racing development its like STM tuned for mitsubishis or JDM for hondas its specific for toyota they make superchargers for celicas the newest gen idk about turbos or superchargers for the older models
  6. rip it all off and order some new stuff and glue it on there... if you do do this USE A HEAT GUN this way there is no residue left so you get a nice seal for the next fresh molding you put in... hope this helped! ~Brandon
  7. that does sound weird id have someone else take a look at it and if all else fails let toyota take a look at it. Also if a heating problem is that bad just get an intercooler for it that should keep it cool lol
  8. try craigslist and post in the add looking to trade for equal value... ya never knoww or post an add in your local news papper.. taht may help 2
  9. price a bit higher than what you want to get for it so then you have some room to talk down ull be suprised u may get more out of it then u expected..check Kelly blue book to get a base price then add or subtract some depending on the aftermarket u may have on it or any problems the car may have... hope this helped! ~brandon
  10. if youd like to do it yourself check out www.andysautosport.com they have amazing prices and for every year car and model you can think of... if u dont want to do it yourself take it to ur local Toyota dealership they will have access to every part on your car or they can order it from other ones.... it may be more expencive that way though because your buying from the manufactrer
  11. Hndsomdevl: you may need a turbo rebuild kit maybe a new turbine or bearings after every approx 60k miles a turbo MUST be rebuilt.... that is most likely why ur getting little to no boost... BStaley: your syncros for 2nd and 3rd gear may be starting to go syncros can be replaced in the transmission... if you dont know what a syncronizer is in ur tranny, to keep it simple it basically helps you shift gears smoothly and they eventually wear down and need to be replaced... hope this helped you both! ~Brandon
  12. matybe your throttle cable is too tight? or sometimes rev it a bit and then stop and see if it drops... my sisters sieanna(the van thing) did this too and idk wat my dad did to it when he took it to his shop but ill ask and ill get back to ya ~Brandon
  13. i drive an 02 celica GT and its a 5 speed stick and i have the same problem it sounds as if the engine goes idol or dead for a sec and somewhat vibrates and then goes i wouldnt wory about it ive had my dad take it to work several times and hes been a mechanic for 34 years and he says its nothing... if anything maybe check your throttle cable maybe its loose or check ur pedals doesnt seem to be serious but when your first learning stick it can be anoying cause it feels like im doing something wrong when im not... hope this helped ~Brandon
  14. on my celica on the tip of the wiper there is a knob that spins towards you and if u spin it towards you that activates it and the very last setting has a (spring) feeling where if u hold it there the window cleaner will spray the back of the window... hope this helped! ~brandon
  15. look up a T24 turbo that is what is on the GST motors stock on a celica GST years 00-05 im at school so i can copy and paste the link....(they block everything) but the site is called.. but i do know the turbo that will 100% work is called a T24 turbo "www.turbo-kits.com" hope this helps! ~brandon