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  1. Yes I think my next few things I will check is the cold start and fuel filter. I have been researching like a mad man. I will get back to you once I find out some more stuff tonight. Thank you.
  2. Hello All, I am in dire need of some help. My MR2 has been down for about two weeks now. I drove her home on a rainy night and she acted up the whole way home. By acting up I mean each time I would let the clutch out she would die or have no power. Each time I would try to take off it would choke out. I finally got onto a main road and once I got her above 3k she ran fine. Anything below 3k and she would act up again. About ten minutes into the trip it seemed like the symptoms were gone. I got the car home and parked it in the drive way. The next morning I came out and went to go to work and the car fired like it was going to start climbed the tach to 1k and died. After that all it did was crank. I waited a few minutes because I thought maybe it was flooded for some reason and tried again. Same thing. It fired off began to climb the tach to 1k and died. I thought it was the coil and I happened to have one handy so I swapped it out and no luck the same issues. The car has new wires and plugs. I also tried the ecu because I also had an extra one of those. No avail. So I decided to have someone else look at it. I gave them the car and they kept it a few days and after a few days I called them back and they said they “think” it was the fuel pump. Now I had seen a few MR2’s in this place so I felt comfortable with sending it there but now after hearing this answer I became worried about the prognosis because I didn’t think it was the fuel pump in the first place. So I went and got the car that night and ordered the pump hoping I was wrong. Well that guy won’t be seeing my cars ever again and I am now out $150 and still in the same situation after an entire weekend of fuel tank work. I want to smash every window in that garages shop to let him know how awesome he is. But I digress. After I put the pump in I tested it to make sure the lines weren’t leaking. Got the same symptoms right out of the box. So I said maybe it has to do with the AFM. I had another one of those as well. (hahahaha I have a few extra parts being I also own an 86 corolla). So I swapped out the AFM and it seemed a bit different at first it fired up and idled for about 5 seconds at 800 rpm’s, then died. I went to look at the AFM and realized I didn’t have it plugged in. So I said to myself damn I think this might be it. So I plugged it in waited a few minutes and tried to start it again. Nothing. Same damn symptoms. Guys I have no clue what else to try. I have never experienced this before. I have read all of the threads in all of the forums and there has been a few of these threads and when you get to the end they never explain how each other the thread creators fixed there issue. I am hoping that a few of you guys that have run into this issue can please comment and let me know what you found. I know a few said they had timing issues but that isn’t the case here as I drove the car the night prior. I also have one other request. Is it possible for someone to explain to me how the “diagnostic plug” works. I have never used one and I was hoping someone could explain what tools are needed and where to find the information to use it. I feel as if maybe that is the only way I can figure out my problem at this point. I am truly baffled. Signed, Frustrated MR2 owner
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