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  1. Hi Everybody! Wish this was a more positive post however I am looking for feedback on a dilema with my Tacoma. Let me start by saying that I have owned a Toyota truck since 1978 and have been evangilistic about the brand and now my Wife, Mom, Brother and two Sisters all own Toyotas. I travel quite a bit for work and my 2001 Tacoma only has 67K on the odometer as of today. It was at the dealer for the 50K service in 2009 and three times since to fix a nagging A/C problem. Last month I noticed some rust developing along the top of the windshield so I called my dealer here in Minnesota who directed me to the dealer network collision center Luther Collision who handles all of their body work. They told me the entire roof needed to be cut off and it would cost roughly 4K to fix. This is not the bad part! After some research I discovered the Service Campaign regarding the frame rust an my truck was a candidate. Not having received any notices by mail I called the dealer only to find out they had the wrong address for me. I then called Toyota and was assigned a case number / worker and when I asked her the address they had on file for me she provided the same incorrect address that the dealer had. Turns out my frame is rusted to the point of being too dangerous to drive and the Service Campaign ended in December 2012. The Toyota case worker then said that she verified that they had somehow mailed the notices to the correct address and that the case was closed and I had no valid claim and was left with the defective frame. And after checking the duration of the Service Campaign my truck was at the dealer four times during the Campaign including for the expensive 50K service and I was not alerted by anybody at the dealer! At this point I called both the dealer and Toyota case worker back and they admitted having the wrong address on file for me while I recorded the conversation with an iPhone recording appplication. So where do I go from here? I love the truck however did need a bigger engine to tow with and it is at the time interval I usually trade my trucks but now I think it is worth next to nothing. This is the first post I have made regarding this issue however I plan to fine tune this posting and send it to the local television stations, the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press as well as post it to every social media outlet and owners group I can find. I'm also hoping that there are others that have had the same problem that I can band with and possibly locate a lawyer that may be able to assist as well. Toyota should be ashamed for treating such a long term loyal customer with such disgrace. Any feedback from the group or mediators would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Bill Bartolotto