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  1. I own a 2003 Camry LE, and almost since the first year we owned the car, there is a smell that seems to be prevalent MOSTLY during the warm months, or months where the sun's rays heat up the car. It most closely resembles body odor, actually. It is a pungent, not musty or mildewy, odor. It was detailed thoroughly last summer, and the smell remained once the "cleaned" smell vanished. It doesn't seem to be happening as a result of, or when the A/C or vents are running. Quite the contrary, when we enter the car, especially when the interior has been heated, we are greeted by the BO smell before the car is even started. I don't believe there is a leak inside the car anywhere, even after heavy rains, there is no evidence of such. Has anyone else experienced a similar smell in their car? help! I am about to get rid of the thing already! Thanks, and glad to be aboard the forum. :)
  2. My idle speed seems correct while the engine is sitting with the parking brake on. However, with the slightest touch to my brake pedal, and my RPM's drop... Then surge up again, drop, surge and repeat that process until I release the brake pedal. Does anybody have any idea what this may caused by?