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  1. As far as I'm aware the MR2 GZE was 145bhp with AFM and distributor and was only available in USA and Japan. The JDM AE101 (Levin) GZE had more BHP had distributorless ignition and MAP sensor.
  2. Latest updates include Water injection, port matched cylinder head and MoTeC M4 EMS. Now makes 198 bhp @7200 rpm - more info on my website www.ae111sr.co.uk
  3. Sounds like the idle speed is set too low - should be around 800rpm or so.
  4. Heres some info on my 1998 UK AE111 Corolla for you to take a look at. My TOC garage and my website with lots more info is here Just to add a bit of an incentive for you to look it's had a supercharged 4A-GZE engine transplant. Thanks for looking
  5. Certainly in Europe, South Africa, Austrailia and Japan the AE92 was front wheel drive - I'm pretty sure it's the same in the States too. All Corollas since then have been FWD.
  6. Well - fancy finding you lot here Hi there from me too :D
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