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    Okay, would someone care to explain the difference to me between a GT, GT-R and a GT4? I've got a GT 2.2L ('91)
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    I've got a 91 Celica GT, (That's 5th generation, right?) and I love it. I'm gonna have to say I like 5th generation best, even though there are a lack of upgrade parts available. Does anyone have any idea where I'd go to find stainless steel or aluminum headers for a 5th generation GT 2.2L? Also, I've gotta say the Scion TC (Celica's supposed replacement) is very disappointing. I don't know what kind of engine they have, but the body styling isn't half as good as they were in the late 80s and early 90s. I'm in OH, and the 7th generation Celicas are second only to Civics for the most common cars on the road now... 'tis disappointing.
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