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  2. Preston

    Help with '94 Hilux

    94 Hilux, 22RE, auto o/d, 2wd. My A/C compressor is not coming on. System is charged(guages on system now), A/C switch is on(light is on), blower switch is on and all fuses are good.(including the two in/at the inside R/H kick panel) As there seems to be no signal from the A/C system, there is also no "idle up". Clutch does engage if I test using a jumper to hot to it's connector. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Could there be a possible ground problem? Where exactly is the A/C Amplifier located? Thanks a bunch.
  3. Preston


    Hi all i have just fitted a leather interior in my 146ti. my old front seats had side airbags fitted in them, but there are none in the leather seats. my problem is that the airbag light is on and i have been told that my front airbags wont work with the light on. i was also told that i can get a resistor that plugs in the wiring loom where the side airbag was pluged in. does anyone here know where i can get them from or do you have any other idears how i can get around this problem. many thanks
  4. Preston

    auto door lock

    Right now i'm in the process of getting my '02 Tacoma(see signature) back on the trails again but somethin has been nudging at me to look into buying a Tundra. I drive a '03 double cab Tundra now and I like it but I think i'm lookin for something smaller than the double cab but something slightly bigger than my Tacoma. The '11 Tundra caught my eyes because it's a standard cab but still has the slight recline space in there. Also it's wide, as a Tundra normally is. I've only ever literally seen 1 regular cab tundra in person driving around recently. Tried google imaging pics of the standard cab; not too many results. What i'd really like to see is some pictures of any standard cab tundras, lifted, non lifted. Also any info or insight on mods is welcomed(i.e.) I would assume almost all performance or suspension mods wouldn't differ from the double or crew cab models, right? would having a suspension kit on a standard cab be better or worse than on a double or crew? since it is a smaller/lighter truck. What do you guys think? Anything... Thanks