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  1. Hildegard31

    2005 tundra

    The Toyota dealer parts personnel in my area state they have received conflicting information from Toyota regarding the use of TRD air filters with 2005 Tundras (V8). Toyota's TRD site lists TRD air filters for 1999-2003 only. Anyone know, definitively, whether TRD air filters can be used on 2005 Tundras with V8 motors?
  2. Hildegard31

    tacoma truck bed

    I've got an old tank from an air compressor that is being scrapped. I want to mount it into the truck bed, and leave it full of compressed air at all times while driving. Basically, it would become a 'pig.' I'd hook up a schrader valve or a quick connect, and leave a hose in the toolbox or cab. I could even install a pop-off valve set at 100 PSI or so. Having air with me would allow me to air-up tires and provide compressed air when needed. Does anyone know, first off, if this is legal? It could be dangerous in the event of an accident.