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  1. TOYTECH24

    code P0171 on 2000 4-Runner

    with a fuel pressure gauge is how u check ur fuel pressure. find ur fuel rail. should be a plastic "tire cap" and unscrew it. u'll see what looks like a tire valve/schrader valve and screw ur fuel pressure gauge adapter to it. turn key on KOEO (KEY ON ENGINE OFF) and see what gauge reads. if at first there is no fuel pressure......and gauge reads zero......try starting it. at which time u should have fuel pressure. if it was at zero when u did KOEO........ur fuel pump is bad!!!!!!!!!
  2. TOYTECH24

    code P0171 on 2000 4-Runner

    check your fuel pressure. misdiags are being down. saying maf sensor is issue. its not. take ur maf sensor off the air filter box/air filter box tube. get volt meter....test the sensor by blowing air into it. if u have a can of computer aerosol dust cleaner thats the best to use. lightly blow into the sensor.....then do a quick full shot of air.....if u notice the sensor fluctuating on the measurements.....sensor is good. then check your fuel has to be right on the money as far the specs for fuel pressure.