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  1. Kyled

    Newbie me

    I agree, best to just get fluid changed during your next oil change. Especially is you're coming up on your 100,000 Toyota maintenance soon. Matrix is great car and should run for a good long life.
  2. It is most likely the clutch but could possibly be the transmission. Does your Celica clutch work fine when shifting into other gears?
  3. I would try contact cement (very cheap, glue to both sides),plastic epoxy or fiberglass filler. Your Camry dash should be good as new!
  4. True story humanoid, and aftermarket is a little risky. I definitely agree, however, that the new Toyota Avalon is incredible, so spacious and powerful with smooth ride.
  5. I have to admit I have new Venza and Toyota entune technology. It's incredible, definitely worth it. I use to use my iPhone but this is so much easier and safer.
  6. There are a few other things you can do, like check tire pressure, park in garage (covered/shaded), check filters, but regardless of those things, no new or used Camry should be getting 13 mpg. I might have it looked at again.
  7. Manuals are usually very preventative against any unwarranted maintenance issues. Just keep getting your tires checked, oil changed, brake pads and such and you should be fine. Toyota Highlanders are known for longevity!
  8. Hmmm that's a pretty specific area. Try asking your Toyota dealer for a point in the right direction. Dealers usually know the best places for Toyota parts and repair. There's always the google fallback as well.
  9. I drive an 07' Toyota Yaris, and I get about 36mpg highway. I check tires regularly, oil changes every 3 months, and I keep it parked in a garage - which helps with fuel efficiency. You might want to have it looked at because one of the biggest benefits of driving a Yaris is the incredible fuel economy.
  10. Kyled

    Starting problem

    It could be the fuel pressure regulator. You might want to take your Camry in for a fuel pressure test. It could also potentially be a battery or starter issue. Is it making in weird noises? Does the engine even turn over when you try right away?
  11. What are everyone thoughts on the newest Toyota Prius, coming early in 2012- Prius Plug-In Hybrid. It was recently nominated as GreenCarReports best hybrids for 2012. I've heard that the engine engages automatically as you need more power, so drivers prefer it to the less powerful Leaf or Volt.
  12. Most often it's an issue with the battery. Could be corroded wires, need new battery, or perhaps a problem with the starter. I'd take a look under the hood of your Toyota. Check for corrosion on the battery, or take your car in for Toyota maintenance.
  13. What about the new Camry do you like? My sister is considering buying the 2012, but also has her eye on the 2011 Corolla Sport.
  14. Did you check through your Avalon's owners manual?
  15. I'm pretty sure there's a youtube video for the Sienna. Just type in "reprogram keyless entry sienna" or something like that in the search bar.