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  1. thanks for your advice i haven't noticed the white smoke i will look and yes there is a smell of anti freeze but i thought is from me also adding water to the radiator and some spilled out and that's the smell i didn't know its related to something else i have few friend telling it might be the head gasket but i wasn't sure i was trying to figure it out step by step but what you say it makes seance my question is rebuild it or get new engine what you think could it also be my temperature censor has gone bad because when i was driving today it was starting to over heat and the temperature would go high but come back down it would not hit the red line o also noticed that if i put my fut on the gas the temperature would go back to normal for few min and than start going up and down
  2. hello everyone I am having over heating problem with my car and i want to know if any one can give me advice what to do I have changed the water pump radiator radiator cap top radiator whose changed the fan to electronic I don't understand why as soon as it hit's 60mph it starts to over heat i cant even drive it for more than 5 min before it starts to over heat i cant figure out what to do