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  1. I chose sort of too - Lexus has got it right, but dont think too much of some of the other rebranding that goes on
  2. Hello, I'm Blue, from the South East of England.. I drive a 2005 Yaris (or Echo) Blue 1.3L which I love
  3. I dont get it either..are they sounding because you dont have your seatbelt on or are they going wrong when you are wearing your seatbelt?
  4. I dont like it that much to be honest!! I prefer the current phase 2 :)
  5. how about an Echo? I have one and I love it ;)
  6. Yeah c'mon everyone, we're nice people after all!
  7. I would think about getting one if I had the spare funds for it!
  8. Hello, Just wanted to say hi and welcome. I'm no help on the specs question tho :(
  9. I always enjoy seeing photo's of any echo's/Yarii!
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