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    Venza paint

    (I forgot I posted the Venza paint issue) After weeks and many phone calls and emails we eventually were taken care of at a convenient Toyota dealership, a dealership less than a year old. They did a great job repainting, gave my wife a loaner for a few days and even drove (15 minutes) to pick her up and drop her off. As a nice surprise they washed the car and cleaned inside. No question we got the runaround at the first dealer, I expected an easier time dealing with Toyota Canada and I'm really surprised how inconsistent the response was from dealer to dealer. This is our first Toyota. No other issues other than portable GPS and cell phones blowing fuses. All the best, Mike
  2. mmuise

    Venza paint

    Looking for some opinions, this is kind of long: Some paint has lifted/bubbled off the front bumper of my wife's 2009 silver Venza. We moved since we leased so took it to a closer dealer. They said they couldn't help and reccommended a nearby Toyota Collision Centre. At the collision centre a service advisor said the bumper was repainted, and it was done without primer, and after taking some paint thickness readings and comparing to other Venzas said the hood was also repainted. He told us to go back to the original dealer. No one could help us on the Saturday we visited the original dealer but they took photos and we got a quick call back. We answered "no" for about the 10th time to the question of whether we'd been in an accident and had the car fixed and painted. We were then shown "proof" that the car was not in an accident. Which really proves only that it wasn't recorded. We were told the paint was covered by warranty and that it would take about a day. Also that it was likely a factory flaw. And that the dealer (1 hour drive) would not provide a loaner. So we went back to the collision centre closer to home with the news the dealer was honoring the warranty but the collision centre said they still couldn't help, we would have to have it done at the dealer. And by the way, this should not be a 1 day job, this should be a 2 or 3 day job to properly dry according to the collision centre. Surely they are not planning to "blow in paint" given it is coming off in 4 different places. Anyway, I think we're reasonble people, we don't mind if the car had some cosmetic damage in shipping. But now after a few red flags we're concerned maybe there was more significant damage. Maybe we're going to run into trouble returning the lease in 2 years. Maybe my wife's belief there is a rattle and shimmy coming from inside the steering column and dash is not her imagination. And maybe - if the car was painted improperly - we should be given something to drive while Toyota fixes their mistake. Appreciate any thoughts. Mike PS; my wife loves everything else about her Venza.