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  1. Here is my beloved Crown for sale. I need to get some money and some cheap wheels, as I am not able to keep it running in perfect condition, hope someone is able to love it as I do. Toyota Crown Chassis: S50 Engine: 2.0l (5R) (73kw/100hp) production: 1969 Odo: 65 000 km Interior: Black Vinyl Tranny: 4spd Manual net weight: 1260kg The car is in good condition, though front left wing needs to be a little fixed, as well as little dents here and there, all in all, not more than 3-4 of them and just a little rust on fenders. Starts instantly, runs smoothly. The car has been always kept in a garage along with huge amount of various spare parts: 2 generators, 1 clutch, 1 flywheel, 1 windshield, 1 rear windshield, 1 driver's door, 2 pairs of rear lights, full set of chrome moldings, a starter 1 crankshaft 1 camshaft 1 slave brake cylinder 1 carburetor some brake pads some hoses, pipes, connectors. As the engine had been changed, many old spare parts have been left, such as an old engine block, pistons along with connecting rods, sump, etc. I can't even remember all the parts. For full, complete, proper list, please, do contact me. The car is located in Latvia and can be easily shipped or taken by a train to anywhere, so, please do not consider it as a problem ;) For any further info pm me, Ilya. call to: +37129827409 or e-mail: Price: 7500 eur. Toyota Crown RS50 1969 pictures from cars photos on webshots