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  1. No experience like the one you describe. We just bought a '99 Solara thinking that we would miss the electronic accelerator issue. Your post raises some concern.
  2. has not set their status

  3. I believe the engine is a >1MZFE< What about wires; should those be changed at a certain interval? BTW, I am a teacher in Los Angeles and we spend our summers in Gloucester, MA. We have a '91 Camry, '03 Odyssey and now the '99 Solara (which will be for my son,)here in Santa Monica and an '01 Odyssey and a '78 Caddie, CDV both on jacks in MA.
  4. We just bought a beautiful, red SLE Solara, 6 cyl coupe with 81k miles. The mechanic says it only needs a new air filter and the rear brakes are at 40% but I want to change the spark plugs and the wires and distributor cap and rotor as preventive maintenance. Do you know if the wires are attached to the cap and come as a unit like it does on my '91 Camry? Which plugs would be best for this car, NKG Platinum? What's the correct plug torque? Thanks. Steve