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  1. What about resetting the lights? Pull off the negative terminal for a couple of minutes to reset? Or what?
  2. I have a 2003 Land Cruiser which today brought on the check engine, VSC Trac and VSC Trac Off lights. I went to a local parts store to pull the codes: P0441 & P0446, evaporative emission control system incorrect purge flow (P0441); and evaporative control system vent control circuit fault (P0446). They asked if I topped off while filling up, which I can't say that I do (although I have in the past but not frequent enough to warrant this). They also suggested tightening the gas cap more thuroughly. It might be worth mentioning I just had all four rotors and pads replaced less than two weeks ago. I did read a few posts online about these three lights and low master cylinder brake fluid levels. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. I'm replacing the front/rear brake pads on my 2003 Land Cruiser and plan on replacing the front rotors as well. Any recommendations on the brand of rotors? I'm looking at the Mountain brand but there are a few on line with varying price ranges and I don't want to break the bank nor sacrifice safety and performance at the same time. Any thoughts? BTW I bought Akebono pads for f/r.
  4. Hey, all. New member from St. Louis, MO. Finally got my first Toyota last October just a few days before the banks stopped lending money! Always wanted a Land Cruiser and when my 1988 BMW 735 with 298K miles shot craps my wife said get the car I wanted because I wasn't getting a new car for a long time. So instead of a Sequoia (which was too big for my needs) I shopped for the perfect LC, a 2003 with 62K miles. Great truck, great ride couldn't be more satisfied.