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  1. I have Yokahama's on my Celica and MR2 and I really like them. Good quality and they weren't too expensive in my opinion. :)
  2. I just found this site and joined up. My name is Teal and I have two toyotas. I have an 2002 Celica and a problem child 1986 Toyota MR2. I am from Eastern Tennessee and hope to learn more about Toyotas and in general cars from this site. Thanks! Teal
  3. This is my first post here and I am at my wits end. I have a 1986 N/A MR2. Has 96.600 original miles on it. I bought the car from someone who replaced the head gasket on it and then let it sit for awhile. When I got it, the car would not start. Now, only 50 miles after returning from the service center the car will barely go up a hill with my foot on the floor. Someone said that this car is fuel injected and therefore the injectors need to be cleaned. I just put a bottle of "gum-out" in the fuel tank tonight per directions and let it run, however it doesn't seem to help, if anything it seems worse. Currently I can get the car to 40 mph with the peddle to the floor the entire time. Up a small hill it drops down to 10 and barely creeps up. At this point I would like to take a gun and shoot it to put it out of its misery. Here is a list of what has been repaired in the last two weeks. I paid 1,400 for the repairs and I am pretty sure I got robbed. Anyways here is the list of what has been fixed, I would welcome some advice on what is wrong with this car or at least a bullet! Thanks Teal Repairs: 10/17/09 Replace 4 Spark plugs. wires, distributor cap 98.03 parts, 131.20 labor 10/17/09 Replace battery. 48.43 parts 10/17/09 Replace AC belt 23.91 parts 10/17/09 Replace ALT belt 18.12 parts 10/17/09 Oil/Lube/Filter 15.00 parts. 15.00 labor 10/17/09 Replace Alternator 147.71 parts, 82.00 labor 10/17/09 Engine Compression Test Good compression all cyclnders 10/17/09 EFI (what is EFI?) 59.99 10/17/09 Rewiring of old/corroded wires 150.00 10/17/09 Replace/Remove oil housing filter gasket 41.00 10/17/09 Tires Total: 1,475.00 with tax Still has a small oil leak from somewhere under the engine. Starts and revs at 2 on the tach gauge. Will settle down to 1 1/2 ish when warm. No power on acceleration from constant running or stop/start.