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  1. Anything to do with Jap or high performance cars.............. :)
  2. Thanks for your reply - I will be in San Francisco at the start of October so wanted to check out if anything was happening in the area. :)
  3. So what's the Jap Car Scene like in the Bay Area? Will be over in Oct/Nov so wanna know what's happening or is it non-existant? ALSO - Anyone reckon the 49ers will get their asses handed to them again this season - Hope not but they didn't do well last year :o Loving the Gold Rush though :D
  4. Over here in the UK we have various Japenese Car shows through the year that the Club attends. What do you have going on in the States?
  5. gordypix


    No - U know what I got Ash :D
  6. gordypix


    Love the 5 and the 7 has grown on me so much I bought one :D
  7. gordypix

    Gen 7

    We all know what has happened to the Celica now don't we.......
  8. Hi Dak - I'm in da house now too :D
  9. gordypix

    My T23 S

    Loving it matey - Got a 190 myself :D
  10. For those who Know me - I'M HERE BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and for those that don't....................... G'day and Welcome to my thread :P You can call me Gordy and I'm a Super-Moderator over on the sister Site - Toyota Owners Club. In my Private Life I am a Professional Photographer, avid traveller and Music addict............ You wanna know more then just Ask and see what ya get. :D
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