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  1. Sharing this local event "Scion Silver Anniversary Custom Car Show July 17th, 2013, 6 to 9pm Registration is now open for our annual Custom Car Show, and as always it's FREE to enter your ride! This year we're also celebrating Scion's 10th Anniversary. There will be several vendors, a live DJ, a professional photographer to take photos of entrants with their vehicles, and more! Register now: http://www.scionofkirkland.com/letmein There will be awards for 1st through 3rd place in two categories (Scion and Other), and a $200 grand prize for the People's Choice, which will be dete
  2. Come join PSTOC and celebrate Toyota's return to RWD cars!
  3. So this show almost killed me, and those at OCB afterwards can attest to that lol. I love you guys, I love this show but I can honestly say I'm thrilled I don't have to think about this for another 8 months lol. Big thanks to all our participants, sponsors and the bands, the Cutwinkles and CCC (which can be seen playing at Dorky's free shows. Check their facebook often :) ) We'll see you all at our next event which should be in November for a food drive to help the needy during thanksgiving. And remember you can always come see us online all year round :)
  4. ‘Twas the nights before PSTOF and all through the sound, everyone was waiting for the day to come round. The cars were all gassed up and so clean and so shiny, not one detail forgotten, no matter how tiny. This poem signals the show creeping ever so near, at the time I write this it’ll be our 7th year! The sweats on our kerchiefs and our backs all too sore, we wanted to make sure to bring you guys more! When on our poor server there arose such a clatter, we sprang to our monitors to see what was the matter. Away to the screens we flew like a flash and saw the heavy traffic that made the poor
  5. Ok so here we are 1 week away. Awards are done, parking spots are being arranged, and people with other car makes are still envious of our event! So a few small announcements are left to be made. 1st we will be closing Preregistration down on Friday(12th) night. So if you want to save a few bucks do get it in before then. 2nd If you don't have a toy to donate day of you will need to pay the extra $5 so we can buy one for you at the registration/check in table. You will not get be able to check in until you pay. 3rd Registration/check in table will be located inside Griot's Garage in the
  6. In this bump we are taking O.B.O. to the extreme. :) So some of you remember when we raffled off a car at PSTOF. Well since we can't raffle one off due to gambling laws we got the next best thing! This year we bring a little auto auction to you, Toyota Style! This year you could come home with not a Camry or a 3rd gen Celica But a 1971 Toyota Corona Mark II!! So details details, always need details. This is a running, driving, stopping, fantastic example of vintage Toyota goodness. Believed to be 126K ORIGINAL miles!!!!!! Garaged most of its life! Toyoglide Automatic Now this does n
  7. So with only about 2 weeks left for preregistration, I'd like to dedicate this bump to point out the money saved by preregistering. Not only do you save $5 (That's $5 more you can put in your tank), you also help us to plan the parking so we don't have to separate anyone. So say we think only 4 of one model is showing up for example and we leave maybe one extra spot for the last minute registration, what are we going to do when 5 more show up at random? :) But on to the good news. You want media coverage for your car? Well you got it! PSTOC is please to announce the newest partner for PSTOF,
  8. Less than a month away! Would like to take the time to thank our sponsors Titus-will Toyota and Toyota of Kirkland for their support. Always nice to have dealerships that support the local community especially in the hard times. We would also like to announce that this year there will be LIVE music! The Cutwinkles will be performing throughout the day playing both covers and original music of the rock genre. We will also have Classic arcade games on free play for everyone to enjoy! Super Offroad, Street Fighter 2, and The real Ghostbusters. Thanks to our friends down at Dorky's Arcade in T
  9. Just about a month away! Get those preregistration's in to be sure you get your spot!
  10. Registration now open! See first post for link. Get those grass spots while they last!
  11. Ok updates! Pricing has been added to first post. Also we have a discussion thread for the trophy list so feel free to chime in on that thread or don't blame us. http://pstoc.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=5673 On another note we'd like to welcome our first branch chapter, Oregon! If you'd like to see what the other Oregon members are up to please check out the section here, http://pstoc.org/board/viewforum.php?f=45
  12. And for all you Facebook lovers here's a link to the event page there too http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163384227051327
  13. Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=3333+S+38th+St,+Tacoma,+WA+98409-5641&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=3333+S+38th+St,+Tacoma,+Washington+98409&t=h&z=16 Driving Directions: Traveling South (from Seattle): Traveling I-5 South Take Exit 132 (S 38th St West toward Tacoma Mall) At the stoplight, bear right onto S 38th St. Go 3/4 of a mile to Griot's Garage on the right (white building with red stripes.) Last intersection is S Lawrence St. Traveling North (from Olympia/Portland): Traveling I-5 North Take Exit 132 Take second 38th St exit after overpass (S 38th
  14. My everything is sore after yesterday. But as long as people had a good time and we helped ALOT of kids today it's all worth it. I had no time to play camera jockey but I hope there's alot. I still boo that I lost to a stock SC lol. There maybe that will fill our gripe quota for the year :) Thank you everyone! And special thanks goes out to all the board member's and volunteers that made this show possible. We do not personally profit from anything we do here on PSTOC so just remember we are here to help share our love of toyota products and meet new friends. So please help us spread the wo
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