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  1. The HKS unit I put on the car had a nice tone, not too loud. I like the looks of these stainless Steel units, however, it is not just the noise for my concern but, fitment. The SC does have some differences, and I am not 100% sure this replacement is a direct bolt on. I have not talked to the vendors, but many times they do not have a working knowledge of the products. (If the computer does not tell them). Since the car is 30 years old, most vendors, just don't know the car, much less the product.
  2. I have seen several on e-bay. They all look alike with the 4 pipes, but I am not sure if it is a perfect fit for the SC. I am also concerned about loudness. I want to replace my HKS exhaust with a Stainless unit. My car is not driven in the winter, but the ones on Ebay look better, plus the no rust factor. this is the first response I have had so I don't know if there are any other SC owners out there, or anybody has experience with replacement exhaust. If there is an expert, guru, or just plain MR-2 SC nut out there, I would be happy to communicate. I don't drive the car much as I am original owner and the car has about 43k on it. It just seems as time goes on, the eighties cars become rarer and rarer.
  3. I have a 1989 MR-2 SC. I have a HKS muffler, but was thinking of replacing it with an Stainless Steel unit I saw on E-Bay ( speed daddy). This new muffler has 4 outlets on the outsides of the rear. If anyone has one let me know, : A. Is it the same as the normally aspirated MR-2 exhaust pipe connection? B. Is it much louder than stock or the Stainless unit
  4. Help, I need some help on locating which Toyotas and what year, used the following Side Marker lights: (I'm guessing 1978-1985) 1465 Amber 1466 Red 35-7 Red Thanks, Brad
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