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  1. Just sold my 1994 UK Spec (326bhp) Supra TT Auto in Red and purchased a 95 J-Spec (225bhp) Supra N/A 5 Speed in white. Castrol Toms hint hint ;) Now all a need is to get my 2jzge out and get my freshly rebuilt 3sgte in Mwahahahaha! (Evil Laugh)
  2. Leeky


    Nope, Supra stopped in 2002 :)
  3. Well we have all seen the spy pics of Toyotas new V10 thingy floating around the net so its just a matter of time before that is unleashed....but i REALLY hope they dont call it the Supra unless this car is powerful enough to deserve the name B)
  4. Wow, 3 diffrent TOC forums im gonna be active in now Oh well, the US supra owners seem to really know their stuff so maybe i can learn a lot :D
  5. Leeky


    If they do it better be a straight 6 or something better than a V8. V10 or V12 would keep me happy :D You hear me Toyota!! Dont make me come after you!!!!
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